Monday, March 24, 2008


It is now official!!! I've just signed a four book contract to continue my MULE HOLLOW SERIES with Love Inspired. I am so excited and feel blessed at the opportunity. These books will hit the bookshelves in 2009.

For 2008 I still have 2 books coming out so I hope you run right out and pick up copies and join in the fun. HER BABY DREAMS will be on the shelves across the country in April. It received 4 stars from Romantic Times magazine and also 4 stars from This makes me smile--but my hope is that it makes YOU smile! As you know if you've read my bio at making readers smile is my goal.

Don't you just love this sweet cover!!! I thought the art department did an outstanding job with this darling cover. HER BABY DREAMS has what I consider my most fun hero that I've ever created. Dan Dawson is a big ole flirt who wants to make you smile as much as I do...but he really wants to make my heroine Ashby Templeton smile. The only problem is she thinks he's just-- a "big ole flirt"--and that's the problem! :) Now, he's going to have to prove there's more to him than meets the eye.

I'm on deadline crunch right now with the first book in the new contract so I'll say goodnight. But please drop me a note I love hearing what you think!