Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Operation: Married by Christmas--on shelves now!

My latest book from Mule Hollow. OPERATION:MARRIED by CHRISTMAS is on shelves for the month of October. For those of you who don't know how series books work they are produced in a huge quantity --which I love--and then they are in stores for only a single month. The space they take up is then given to the next books in the line for the following month. Therefore, if you want to buy the books in an actual store you must hurry and do so because they sell out quickly in most areas--which I also love :) However if you don't make it to the store you can buy them online at most online bookstores.

RT magazine has given the book 4 1/2 stars. As always it was written to make you smile and forget all your worries for a little while. You can click on my website and connect there to read the first chapter by following the links of the book.

Happy reading. I'm off to the Grand Canyon at the end of the week and really looking forward to it. I'll be driving ROADTRIP!!! I love roadtrips especially this time of year. I'll put my top down and drive the 1700 miles from my home to the Canyon in two days. I joke that I take my luggage on road trips with me since my little T-Bird's trunk won't hold my big suitcase so it has to ride in the passengers seat. But on this trip I'll be meeting my parents there so it should be fun. They love a good drive as much as I do.

Talk to you later!



Sabrina L. Fox said...

Hi, Debra. We met at ACFW. I took your LNC and also ran into you in the hallway near our rooms. I told you how inspired I was by your personal story. Well, I read Meeting her Match and I just finished Married by Christmas...they were both sooo good! You rock, girl! :)

Looking forward to reading your newest release. Maybe you can do an interview on my blog. I try to review Love Inspired's on Wednesday's. I'm a little behind lately, but I'd love to have you on. :)

Debra Clopton said...

Hi Sabrina! Thank you for the wonderful comments. I'm so glad you enjoyed the books :) I remember you and I would love to do an interview. Since I'm not sure what I'm doing yet on these blogs I don't know how to email you but if you send me an email from my website we can talk!
Thanks so much!