Friday, January 4, 2008

Hello, I'm ducking in from deadline crunch to let everyone know that NEXT DOOR DADDY is indeed on shelves now! It just came to my attention that on my actual web page it is listed as a Feb release when it is actually a JANUARY release--goodness, all this time and I didn't catch that mistake. Thanks Sherrie for the heads up. I hope that hasn't messed too many of you up and you can catch it on shelves now. There is a lovely review of it over on if you want to read it. Okay, I've got to get back to finishing up a proposal for one of the my next books.
Also, just got the word that AND BABY MAKES FIVE won the Barclay Gold contest and NO PLACE LIKE HOME took 3rd in the same contest. I'd thought all the contest for 07 were over so it was a very nice end of the year surprise. Thank anyone and everyone who voted for them!


Becky said...


Just finished reading "and baby makes five"...very cute! My husband grew up in Ranger, Texas. My search to see if Mule Hollow was a real town in that area has brought me to your blog. As I have just found out, Mule Hollow is fictional. Any particular reason you used Ranger? Are you from that area. Just curious.

I came away from your book with a renewed commitment to put my life in the Lords hands. Thank you.

Debra Clopton said...

Hi Becky! Thanks for stopping by. Okay, this is insider information. LOL When I started the Mule Hollow series I knew I needed a remote place for the town to be located. So I actually had planned for the town to be further west. HOWEVER! I made a new author mistake and just chose the name Ranger because it sounded like a cool name for a town in a book about cowboys--I didn't google it! After THE TROUBLE WITH LACY BROWN came out (the first book in the Mule Hollow series) I had the brainstorm that maybe I should have googled it....well what do you know there was a real Ranger Texas! Lesson learned for then newbie author: always check everything. But--God is so cool because as it turned out the area works for the most part and actually the real Rangers background was exactly the background that I'd unknowingly given Mule Hollow, so I was at least in the right area! That is just one of those awesome God things. (For those who don't know, the real Ranger was a huge oil town and then the boom busted and everyone left, leaving the town to struggle to survive--I believe I have that right :)But that is exactly what happened to my little town. So there you have it, Becky--the rest of the story!!!