Wednesday, January 28, 2009

TEXAS RANGER DAD will soon be hitting bookstores and I'm so excited!!

I had a great time writing this book. Of course with the way I love road trips I took advantage during this one of going to the Texas Ranger Museum in Waco
It is a wonderful place to learn about Texas history. A great road trip alone or with the family.

I also headed down to the Texas Hill Country to research prickly pear jelly--I bought jars of it at several different places and it is really good!

This book is kicking off my books for 2009 and I believe you will enjoy it. It's spunky and fun and the Mule Hollow gang is glad to be let loose once more to do their matchmaking thing...of course this time they have a little help from a determined teenager with a mission: He has a hero dad--and he wants to keep him. Here's the blurb: TEXAS RANGER DAD coming in April 2009 from Love Inspired

"That Boy Looks Just Like Zane!"
Everyone in Mule Hollow can see the resemblance between former Texas Ranger Zane Cantrell and Rose Vincent's son. The same gold-flecked amber eyes. The same smile. Not that Zane is smiling. He's in shock! How could Rose have kept their child a secret from him? Rose reminds Zane that he's the one who walked away.
He has to make her see he had no choice. But Rose is as prickly as the cactus jelly she makes. And that's where their hopeful son and the Mule Hollow matchmakers come marching in.

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Texas Ranger Dad Debra CloptonLove Inspired - Steeple HillApril, 2009 978-0-373-87524-50-373-87524-X2009 by Debra Clopton

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Rhonda said...

Ohhhh, Debra! I'm looking forward to reading another fun Mule Hollow book! Thanks for letting me know it is coming out soon.