Monday, August 2, 2010

RWA National Conference

Hi Everyone,

I just arrived home from the Romance Writers of America National Conference in Orlando Florida. It was as usual a fantastic conference. There are so many great reasons for me to go to this conference. Let me list a with my publishers--my editors a really great and wonderful thing...also to hear from our publisher on how Love Inspired is doing in the market right now (which is they are doing awesome!!! thanks to you the readers choosing to pick up our books and read them) and then of course to go to workshops put on by the fantastic list of authors such as Debbie Mccomber and other top authors in the industry. All authors must continue to listen and learn in this industry. Other reasons I need to go is it is just plain good for me to get out of the house and be in the action. It automatically recharges my battery to be among 2100 women who love to read and write books! And then of course there is the RITA AWARDS that comes on Saturday night. And my fellow author and good friend Irene Hannon was up for the award as was my good friend Linda Goodnight. Sadly they didn't win but just to be nominated is such a wonderful thing...and did I mention they've both won the award before! I got to sit with Irene at the awards table and had a great time.

Okay so did you think I was forgetting about my fellow LI author? Oh no, they are one of my most important reasons for going! Seeing them in person and hanging out with them is so very important. They are my gals, we help each other through good and bad times and too get together and have a good time is so very fun. I have to tell you if you enjoy their books its because they are so awesome as women.
I had a blast! Learned a lot and came back ready to write, write, write....OH and last but not least by any means I was told that Men of Mule Hollow is doing GREAT in sales and I have to thank you all for buying my books!!! Without you I'd not be doing what I love. YOU are making my Mule Hollow series a hit and you didn't stop when I came out with the mini series Men of Mule Hollow. Stay tuned for whats next because I'll be working very hard to make the next Mule Hollow books reads you won't want to put down.
Until next time live, laugh and seek God with all your heart!
Debra Clopton


Edna said...

I would love to win the box of books that was on your newsletter for Love Inspired blog


Debra Clopton said...

Hi Edna!
Did you write a comment over there on that blog? If you did then you are in the drawing for the books. I believe you are talking about the one on the
Good luck :) and I'm so glad you stopped by my blog.