Monday, October 17, 2011

Work and Play-I love my job!

I'm having a great time this week! I'm visiting my family!!! My son Kris and his wife Heidi and my granddaughter Taycie--oh God is sooo good :) and I'm having a blessed and joyful week I can tell you. I'm also working, which is a wonderful thing to be able to load up my computer and get things done while I'm having such a great time.

I'm working on my next story which is the third story in my new Mule Hollow Homecoming series about the 3 Holden brothers Luke, Jess and Colt. The first book is below in the prior blog post. In this story Her Homecoming Cowboy, (Aug 2012) I'm dealing with a backdrop of Texas like it has been this summer, with the drought and the fires. And I'm dealing with a cute little boy six year old named Leo. As I write about Leo and his Aunt Annie (who he calls Annie Aunt because as a little fella he just couldn't get it straight which word went first) anyway, as I write about Leo and Annie and her fierce, protective love for her little nephew--I feel that all the way through my soul for my little granddaughter. So yes I'm working :) I'm writing words for the story each morning and doing research all day long playing with Taycie. Gosh, I never knew research could be so fun!

I'm also checking out new ideas as my webmistress Kim Davis of Sublime Design creates a new website layout for me! I love my old site so much but its time for a new look and some new content. We are aiming for easier ways for me to do some updating myself so that I can be more in touch through the site! I'm looking forward to it all and it should be ready soon.

Thanks for stopping in and I hope you have a great day today!
Until next time, live, laugh and seek God with all your hearts :)

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Marv said...

I like the expression that you feel through your soul for your grandaughter. My two grandaughter evoke a similar emotion. It is a different shade of love than any I have ever experienced. I feel richly blessed that I got to experience that love. God bless you.