Sunday, May 11, 2008

Exciting News!

I'm so pleased! It is contest season for last years books. (A book can only be entered into a contest in the year after its publication copyright date so this is the reason you don't see current books listed as finalist or winners)

Anyway, I'm excited because I got the call on Friday that DREAM A LITTLE DREAM was given an Award of Merritt in the Holt Medalion Contest in the romantic comedy catagory! This means that it finaled but didn't win :( but still I'm just thrilled anytime my books final in a contest and the Holt is wonderful contest to final in. I chose to take a chance and enter this book in the romantic comedy catagory just to see how it would measure up against other books other than just Inspirational. I was very pleased to see it win an Award of Merritt.

But wait there's more! LOL. On Saturday I got the call that OPERATION:MARRIED BY CHRISTMAS is a finalist in the BOOKSELLERS BEST Contest in the Inspirational catagory! The winner will be anounced in July at the Romance Writers of America conference in San Francisco. This will be my first trip to SF so this will make it an extra special trip.


Brittanie said...

Congratulations! I love your books. :)

Granny Dea said...

I have read 4 of your books and have loved every one of them. "Mule
Hollow" seems like a wonderful place to live. I just finished "The Cowboy Takes a Bride" and it was uplifting on a
very cloudy stormy day.:)
I have written 5 stories and haven't figured out how to find out
if they are good enough to publish. :(
Thank you for your lovely spirit.:)
Granny Dea

Yelly said...

Congrats! You have earned the honor. :-) Just today I baked chocolate cupcakes and finished "The Cowboy Takes a Bride." It was wonderful, of course. I have a bit of catching up to do in the Mule Hollow Series, but it can be done. ;-D Have a great day!
- Yelly