Friday, June 20, 2008

Fun new Mule Hollow book by Debra Clopton! THE COWBOY TAKES A BRIDE

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to post about my new book that hits shelves in July. Many of you have already read it if you are a member of the book club and many of you have posted such nice things about it here on the blog or emailed me or sent it with a stamp. I just want you to know how much those letters and notes mean to me! This book was such fun to write but at the same time Sugar Rae Lenox really had a problem. She wanted her career so much that she was willing to do almost anything to make it happen...even if that meant ignoring the quiet urging of the Lord to give it up. Here is the blurb:

Small Town... Big Dreams
Sugar Rae Lenox is famous... in Mule Hollow. For wanting her name in lights on a Hollywood marquee. For wanting to leave. And for thinking the local matchmakers are might mistaken! Why applaud the attraction between her and a too-handsome cowboy with boots of lead?
Ross Denton lives on the outskirts of town on some dusty ranch. And the only place he wants to see his name is on a marriage certificate. So why isn't she singing and dancing away from that ranch? She can't possibly want a staring role in Ross's life as his bride... can she?

excerpt fromBy:Published by:Available:ISBN-13:ISBN-10:copyright:
The Cowboy Takes a BrideDebra CloptonLove Inspired - Steeple HillJuly, 2008 978-0-373-87490-30-373-87490-12008 by Debra Clopton

I'm not the best blogger out there, and have said to anyone who will listen that my God given talent is in writing fiction not real life...but I really want to share my thoughts with you today.

When I write a story it is my goal to put you as my reader in the story and to keep you reading as fast as possible. I try very hard to give you a completely entertaining story that will leave you smiling and wanting to come back and see my small crazy town of Mule Hollow. Many of you know that desire came from the fact that when my 47 year old husband died 5 years ago this coming July 5th that I needed to read something myself that would help me smile when I couldn't smile for myself. I had been trying to get published for 10 years but God's timing just hadn't been right. Three months after Wayne died I turned back to writing with the need to tell stories that would help others like me smile in their darkest hours. And that was when Mule Hollow came alive. The story had almost sold prior to that but something was missing and as I revised the book and inserted the faith element into the story I felt almost certain this time God's timing for my writing would be right. I submitted the book The Trouble With Lacy Brown to Love Inspired and they bought it. It was 7 months after my husband's death and God gave me a new purpose. In these five years I've missed my husband with all my heart but I know that God's plans are the only plans I want to follow because I know that I may not understand why something happens but I know He does.

I know it might seem like I'm rambling but God laid this on my heart and I feel like I should share it. You see, in my bio I state that I write what I do so that I can help others laugh in their darkest hour. And to be honest I still have a hard time getting through the last weeks of June leading up to July 5th. I don't know why the weeks prior are harder than the weeks after the day of my sweethearts death but it is. Yes I can happily say that Wayne's death was a homecoming and that one day I will see him again praise the Lord...but still, I miss him. And even though I have a wonderful full life and a fantastic writing career now and a true purpose the fact that I miss him is still there. Soooo what am I getting at well it is this. GOD knows our hearts and I just have to tell you that He has been using readers in the last two weeks to bless my soul. I have received many touching emails from readers telling me how much the Mule Hollow series has made them smile and many have shared the fact that my books have helped them in their own time of sorrow. It seems that I've especially received those type of letters from this story. And I needed to hear that. I needed to know that readers could watch a wacky, wanna be movie star and a reluctant cowboy fall in love and that the story could brighten your day. It really makes me smile to know that I've helped.

Thank you, everyone who has written YOU have touched my heart.

I think THE COWBOY TAKES A BRIDE is fun and touching love story and I hope if you haven't read it that you will and that you are smiling with your heart and you lips when you reach the last page!

I'll end this post like I end my Dear Reader letters.
Until next time, live, laugh and seek God with all your hearts,

Debra Clopton


Ausjenny said...

Thanks for sharing Debra, Im sorry for your loss. I have never lost a partner but I was almost 12 when Dad died and I know it was hard on mum. I pray the next few weeks will be easier for you.

Your books look really interesting and when i looked at whats coming your book The cowboy takes a bride caught my Eye. I hope I will be able to somehow get a copy as it looks like my kind of book.
I came to your site from Love inspired authors blog.
(i posted as you were posting yesterday and then booked marked your blog to come back to)

JeannieTyler said...

I just discovered Love Inspired recently and read my first Debra Clopton book yesterday, "Meeting Her Match." I just had to finish it last night and read in bed until I finished it around 3am. I thought for sure I was going to get into big trouble, my husband was asleep and I was trying so hard not to laugh out loud. I did a couple of times, but thankfully I did not wake him. I can't wait to get the others if they are all this funny!!

I have always loved to read romance novels but once I began a closer walk with the Lord, I also began to not enjoy the ones with "too much information", if you know what I mean. For the last 25 years, I have not read any romance novels.

Last year, we lost our youngest son at the age of 23 and as you well know, it is a continuous journey out of the depression and grief. There have been many sleepless nights that I have prayed and read, prayed and read.

I can honestly say that I believe God put Love Inspired books in my path to help me with get through those long lonely nights. I get my "Calgon" moment when I am reading and also, I LOVE the "Bible study" that goes along with each of them.

I thank the Lord for your ministry and want you to know how much I truly needed and enjoyed the laugh that Sheri and Pace gave me during the wee hours of the morning!!

Debra Clopton said...
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Debra Clopton said...

Hi Ausjenny! Hi jennietyler!
Thank you both for stopping by my blog! And ausjenny thank you for your prayers. I'm sorry you lost your dad at 12 my sons were 16 and 18 when they lost their dad. I'm doing better already since my post.

Jennietyler I'm sorry you lost your son. Even with God's grace you are right--it is a continuous journey through depressions and grief...sometimes only lasting a moment and other times lasing weeks. But God is good and His grace is sufficent! I try to focus on that when I'm feeling down.

I'm so glad God has given me the ministry of my books to touch readers and use my experiences to honor Him.

Ausjenny I hope you get to read one of my books I'm so sorry it is so hard to come by them for you.

Jennietyler, I'm so glad my book made you laugh! And I'm glad you didn't wakeup your husband LOL.


For His Glory said...

Miss Debra,
Thank you so much for your books.
I love them all, and I'm really looking forward to the ones to come.
During these next few weeks, just remember Psalms 116:15.
"Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of one of his saints."
God Bless You!!!

Lisa Buffaloe said...


"The Cowboy Takes a Bride" is wonderful! Thank you. I can't wait to read your other books.

I'm so sorry for your loss. My prayers are with you over the next few weeks.

In Christ's Love,

Lisa Buffaloe

Anonymous said...


I found your blog again. I'm the one who laughed her "chew" off with you after the ACFW Banquet. Yes, the one who had "the accident"...that sadly keeps on giving.

I pray all is well in your world and God blesses you in a way that's just right, right now.


Mary Anne said...

I was at your presentation today at Forest Grove Christian Church. Your comments about wanting to write a story about a widow and widower who had been very happily married reminded me of a wonderful story. A couple of weeks ago, a long-time, dear friend who lives in a small Texas town called me to give me super news. After being a widow for 15 years, she is getting married! She is an elder in her church. One Sunday during a board meeting, another elder asked the board whether or not he should resign from the board because he wanted to start a serious relationship even though his wife had not been dead a year. The board unanimously said NO and for him to "go for it." On the way out of church, he stopped my friend and asked her for a date. SHE was the one he wanted to "court." She had no idea before that. She is very happy. The date is during Thanksgiving holidays. A real-life romance. (They are both in their 70s and wonderful people.)

Debra Clopton said...

That's a wonderful story Mary Anne, thank you for sharing. And also for stopping by. I really enjoyed speaking at Forrest Grove you have a wonderful group!

Ralph said...

Where is God. My wife and I have been married for 55 years. She is the kindest most helpful person. She would always go out of her way to help people. She has suffered through my Military service during the Korean war. she put up with me going to night school for 8 years to get a degree. She lost the sight of one eye at 47, had triple bypass and corotid artey surgery. Now she is confined to a Nursing Home for people with Dimentia. Where is GOD??? I enjoyed your book which is not the kind of book I normally read. We finally had a child after 18 years of marriage where god was present in our lives, but now can anyone explain why this happened to her? WHERE IS GOD

Debra Clopton said...

Ralph--my heart goes out to you and your wife. I wish I had the words to comfort you, but I don't know why this has happened to your wife or to you. I don't know why my husband died at 47 but I do know that God is with you. You may not be ready to see HIm, because of where you are at in the pain you are feeling about the situation your wife is in...but God is there beside both of you. He was with me though I had days where I didn't want to think about Him--I mean, honestly, I didn't have the opportunity to even pray for Wayne's recovery--Wayne was alive and well one minute and dead the next--I felt some resentment about not having that opportunity like so many others were given...but when I felt that way I would force myself to think about all the good times God had blessed us with. I'm praying for you and your wife.

Madeline said...

HI!!! i just finished reading this one and i really loved it! Great little book. I'm going to continue to read your books!!I'm trying to become awriter myself I'm only 14 but I think I'm pretty good :).but really great story and I can't wait to real more about Mule Hollow.